We Have Partnered up with the Croatian Business Club in Bosnia and Herzegovina!

We are pleased to announce the signing of a partnership agreement between the eCommerce association in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Croatian business club in Bosnia and Herzegovina (HPK). This step marks the beginning of a significant collaboration between two organizations operating with shared strategic goals and values aimed at enhancing the business environment in the market.

Both organizations are dedicated to providing support to economic entities and strengthening trade relations. This Agreement opens the possibility for synergy in several key areas. One of these areas is providing support for digital businesses, where the eCommerce association in Bosnia and Herzegovina will play a crucial role in advocating and promoting e-commerce as well as improving all aspects of digital business.

The Croatian Business Club will be able to leverage the resources and knowledge of the Association to enhance the digital trading skills of its members and offer them additional value. An important aspect of the collaboration is the exchange of information. The Croatian Business Club focuses on improving business cooperation between the Republic of Croatia and BiH, while the eCommerce association aims to enhance trade relations. This synergy allows for an efficient and productive exchange of information and experiences between the organizations and their members.

The collaboration enables us to organize joint seminars and workshops and engage in dialogues on best practices in the market. It also supports both organizations in navigating legislative frameworks for e-commerce and promoting secure online trade. The Croatian Business Club works to increase business opportunities for its members in the region, aligning well with the goal of the eCommerce association in Bosnia and Herzegovina to bring e-commerce closer to the domestic market, the EU, and global trends.

The signing of the Agreement is a step towards stronger coordination of activities, joint advocacy with policymakers and legislators, and expanding the network of contacts and information. This collaboration will have a direct positive impact on the members of both organizations and the market in Bosnia and Herzegovina as a whole.

We look forward to the successful implementation of joint initiatives and a long-term partnership!