Thematic Advocacy Team Meeting – Legal Framework for Philanthropy

Online donations were one of the topics of the Third Meeting of the Thematic Advocacy Team held on February 22, 2022. eCommerce Association in Bosnia and Herzegovina has been a participant since the very beginning of this project. The desire was to discuss the possibilities and next steps that need to be taken when it comes to the legal framework for online donation philanthropy.

If we look at the current regulations and decisions in BiH, contracting eCommerce to collect donations is not allowed. It is important to emphasize that the eCommerce Association in BiH since its inception, as one of the main pillars of action aims to provide online channels for donations in our country.

Together with the Legal Framework for Philanthropy of the Mozaik Foundation, as well as 15 other foundations and associations, we are working hard to activate and improve this channel for collecting donations, which is of great importance.

Working together to facilitate and enable philanthropy through online channels.