The world is your market!

The world is your market!

Discussion and solutions for anyone who does business locally and wants to sell globally


The eCommerce Association in BiH, DHL International and Startup Studio invite everyone who does business locally and wants to sell globally to participate in the online conversation “The world is your market” which will be held on December 22, 2021. at 6 p.m.


This is a great opportunity for startups, but also established businesses to learn useful information about eCommerce business from product preparation through payment to reliable delivery to the end customer.


Some of the questions to which the participants will receive answers are:

  • How to sell, charge and deliver your products to the global market?
  • What important information from practice should you know about the prerequisites for successful online sales?
  • How to set up a secure billing system?
  • What costs can you expect and what savings can you make?
  • What criteria should the product or goods meet?
  • What are the experiences of local businesses selling globally?


The initiative to discuss this important topic was launched by the first eCommerce Association in Bosnia and Herzegovina, about which Belma Ljuta-Agić, director of the Association, singled out:

“The eCommerce Association in Bosnia and Herzegovina arose from the need to gather all participants in the digital ecosystem in the heyday of e-commerce in order to jointly improve the eCommerce market. As the first such association in BiH, our goals are to strengthen and facilitate online business and improve all aspects of online trade, and cross-border sales is a very important segment. BiH has a huge potential for marketing products abroad and the market in the region opens up countless opportunities for our online retailers. For all startups as well as established businesses that have such aspirations at this event, we will offer answers and solutions from practice on how to place products on the regional and global market as easily, quickly and effectively as possible. Join us! ”


In addition to the representatives of the eCommerce Association in BiH, those present will have the opportunity to talk with Edin Emsha, General Manager of DHL International d.o.o. Sarajevo, who said the following on this occasion:

“It is estimated that cross-border online sales in the world amounted to approximately 1.2 trillion US dollars in 2020 and will increase to approximately 4.8 trillion by 2026. As a reminder, a trillion is a number with 12 zeros (the so-called short scale). This is a market for which the location of the seller does not play a role, so there is no reason why Bosnian online stores, whose share in these figures today is below the level of statistical error, could not compete for part of this big cake. Not to be confused, no success will come overnight, but we know that even the longest journey starts with the first step. For some participants, this event could be the first step. “


Mirsad Beširević, Business Development Manager at Startup Studio, and Nejra Nuhić, a young entrepreneur who, together with her associates, is behind the Werkstatt business from Sarajevo, which has been actively developing e-commerce since 2019, will also take part in the panel.


The interview will be held at the Startup Studio in Sarajevo, and all those interested can join the event online, with mandatory prior registration for the event in the community, no later than the day of the event 22.12. until 3 p.m.