The Partnership with the Municipality of Centar Sarajevo has enriched our list of partners

The eCommerce Association in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Municipality of Centar Sarajevo signed a cooperation agreement.

The Mayor, Srđan Mandić, and our Executive Director, Belma Agić, jointly signed an Agreement on Cooperation between the Municipality of Centar Sarajevo and the eCommerce Association in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which aims to improve digital businesses in this local community and improve business processes with the help of eCommerce. Adelina Džanković, Secretary of the Municipality, also attended the signing of the agreement.

The eCommerce Association in BiH is the first association that deals with improving the digital ecosystem and the improvement of eCommerce business in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Association is working to strengthen all aspects of online commerce in order to improve the standards of the e-commerce industry in BiH and bring it closer to world trends.
The Municipality of Centar Sarajevo is one of the nine municipalities of the Sarajevo Canton and, at the same time, the urban, administrative, business, cultural, educational, health, trade and service center of the City. It is a very active and enterprising municipality that aims to improve its work through digitalization.

As explained today during the signing of the agreement, the goal of the cooperation is to provide users with digital financial operations through the website of the Municipality of Centar in order to simplify and speed up procedures.
In the coming period, the Municipality of Centar will work intensively to create and develop a positive business environment in the field of electronic business and develop the eCommerce platform. Mayor Mandić pointed out the commitment of the Municipality of Centar to develop digital platforms in order to enable unhindered two-way communication between citizens on the one hand and administrative bodies on the other.
“The process of digitalization that we intend to carry out is a complex process of establishing a new, more functional system, which needs to be worked on permanently and continuously,” Mandic stressed.

Agić pointed out that joint efforts can be made to improve digital business and improve business processes through eCommerce.
The signed agreement defines mutual rights and obligations in the implementation of critical activities related to raising awareness of the eCommerce segment, increasing the number and volume of card transactions, adjusting legislation, and promoting the security of online sales. To access and become a member of the Association, click on this link: or write to