Pay online at local merchants and get a refund

The new Mastercard campaign automatically refunds users 10 KM for a minimum of 2 online transactions and a total amount of at least 1 KM spent for online shopping on any domestic trading site or web platform for paying bills

Sarajevo, May 3, 2022 – Online payments and online shopping are undoubtedly becoming an integral part of the daily activities of a growing number of citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Mastercard has prepared a new campaign that is being conducted on the BiH market for the first time, in aim to reward and encourage users to take advantage of this method of payment. Namely, all Mastercard card users issued by banks participating in this program, who in the period from 1 to May 31 2022 make two online payments with a total value of 1 KM, automatically receive back 10 KM to the account associated with their Mastercard card.

The right to a refund, cash-back, will be exercised by all Mastercard card users, regardless of which bank participating in the program issued the card, and who make at least two online card payments from any device – computer, tablet or phone, exclusively by domestic internet merchants, on domestic web platforms and applications of companies that have this payment option enabled. It is important to note that payments of utility bills made online on portals or in applications of merchants that support this option are also counted, as well as online payments made with a saved card through the credentials-on-file service.

“The traditional MasterIndex study showed that 72% of respondents (BH citizens) use online payments, which is an increase of 30% compared to the year before the pandemic. The first choice of users is still domestic online stores (36%), and confidence in online shopping security is at a stable 49%. So, to support domestic e-merchants and encourage further growth of online transactions, for the first time we are bringing this type of campaign to the BiH market, which means an automatic refund. However, our goal is to point out to users that online card payments do not only bring benefits in terms of return, simplicity and speed – but above all a guarantee of payment security because Mastercard provides valuable security tools and complaints that give cardholders all the necessary protection and a sense of security during online payments, ” said Jelena Ristic, Director for Markets of Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina at Mastercard.

As the growth of trust in online payments is noticeable, it is important to reiterate the usual advice to users to always access online payments in the same way as they do with standard card payments, which means that they never reveal the card number, PIN and CVC2 codes to anyone, and do not share this information via messages, emails or social networks. Also, it is recommended to check if the merchant’s website has a padlock symbol and https: // tag that guarantee secure data encryption. Users are also advised to look for Mastercard® SecureCode Master or Mastercard Identity Check symbols on the merchant’s website, as a confirmation of the guarantee that their data is shared only with the financial institution that accepts the payment and not with the merchant. An additional form of security is increasingly used, a Mastercard solution based on EMV 3DS standards, ie the so-called method biometric authentication that allows customers to reliably identify the end user of the card when confirming online payments.

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