Mirela Halvadžija


Mirela Halvadžija graduated from Marketing Management, is a current MBA candidate and has been working as a Business and Marketing Consultant at SEEBA for a year. She is an ambitious and persistent person that works on continuous development of professional and personal skills. In the past year, Mirela has been actively involved in the field of entrepreneurship, where she was a contestant and scholarship holder in many entrepreneurial programs, such as: IEEE Innovation Nation, BOLD Fellowship, Academy of Women Entrepreneurs and IMPAKT Incubator of business ideas. As a result of this, she is in the process of establishing her own company, Healthven, that will introduce to the market an innovative and unique service aimed at promoting and implementing a healthy lifestyle in the community, with a focus on the corporate and educational environment. Speaks English and Turkish fluently, enjoys new challenges and looks forward to opportunities to learn something new.