Minesa Zukić

Master’s degree Communication and Media Studies

Marketing and communication is Minesa's lifelong passion. She graduated from the five-year Marketing and Public Relations studies at the University of Sarajevo. She believes that working in the media industry requires full commitment and that it is essential to constantly look for ways to improve the company's outreach. She started her career in the largest holding company at the time, ASA Holding, a member of the ASA Prevent Group, where she worked for four years in the Corporate Communications Department. There she oversaw and worked on a wide range of successful marketing campaigns, the primary goal of which was to increase brand awareness and reach new clients. In addition, she intensively dealt with internal communication and the employer's brand. After that, she moved to the leading creative marketing agency FABRIKA Sarajevo and then worked for five years for Sberbank, then one of the strongest banking brands in the world. Today Minesa lives and works in Sweden as a project manager for Easynote. As part of the SaaS industry, Easynote and its team customers manage all daily work, projects, meetings, documents and files in one single app.