Emina Puncuh


Emina holds Master's degrees / Certificates in Business Administration, Corporate Finance and Mergers and Acquisitions. She has more than 20 years of experience in leading positions in multinational corporations in retail, online commerce, supply chain, business consulting and advisory to foreign Boards, in the Balkans, Slovenia, Central Europe, Malta and also the United Kingdom, where she has been living and working for the last four years. Passion for quality, transparency and complete commitment to the long-term success of her clients are Emina’s main value drivers in work and leadership. Emina is very well aware that behind every successful company, business, or project, there is a manager as the head of financial operations with a commercial-digital vision, who is not only responsible for protecting the company's profits in the long run, but who should also continuously advocate for relevant business models and holistic improvement of processes, for the sake of both the company’s brand and the overall corporate climate. When asked what it means for her to be a good Financial Manager, Emina says that financial managers are good insofar as they create real and long-term added value for the owners of capital, customers and the company’s employees. For Emina, achieving results means achieving ideas, whereby ideas and projects that do not give the planned results are not worth pursuing! Emina is a strategist and leader who implements projects faster with fewer resources, saving money, time and building long-term value for companies. Although she has always been excellent at realizing EBIT targets, one of the roles she has performed equally successfully has been to ensure that the company's money is transparently managed, invested and spent. Emina is also successful in motivating people to take responsibility for their contribution to the overall results of the company, because she firmly believes that only by taking responsibility, people can advance in their roles and thus better contribute to more efficient decision-making within the company.Emina is a lifelong learner with an extensive knowledge of modern ERP environments. She also actively follows changes and innovations in the fields of ecommerce, digital and bitcoin technologies, aiming to apply benefits to the roles she has been holding.