Edin Emšo

General Manager of DHL International d.o.o. Sarajevo

Edin Emšo is general manager of DHL International d.o.o. Sarajevo, which is an integral part of the global DHL Express network owned by Deutsche Post DHL Group based in Bonn, Germany. He graduated and received his master's degree in Sarajevo. He began his business career as a young entrepreneur by starting his own business in 1991 but most of his business experience is related to working at DHL, which he joined in 1996. Through his previous work at DHL, he gained vast experience in the field of logistics services, management, marketing, sales and operating procedures, with a special emphasis on express courier services. He has led DHL Express in Bosnia and Herzegovina since its establishment, going through all stages of the company's development to today's market leading position. He was also DHL's General Manager for a cluster of countries that made up Croatia, Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina.