Edhem (Eddie) Čustović

Founder of BH Futures Foundation

Edhem (Eddie) Custovic by day is an engineering academic at La Trobe University, Australia and thefounder/director of the La Trobe Innovation & Entrepreneurship Foundry (LIEF) He received B.Eng(Electronics) from La Trobe University, a MSc (Entrepreneurship & Innovation) from Swinburne University andattained his Ph.D. from La Trobe University (Electronics, Digital Radar Systems and Ionospheric Physics). Heis a business owner & entrepreneur, having founded and co-founded numerous companies including ScientificInstruments Australia. He is also thought leader, mentor, philanthropist and a global citizen. Eddie was born inTuzla, Bosnia & Herzegovina and lived for extended periods in Switzerland before migrating to Australia. Sincethen, he has given guest lectures and conducted business in over 100 countries. His multicultural background,multilingualism and 'borderless' approach to work enable me to take a politically and culturally sensitiveperspective on life, volunteer roles, and professional career. In 2015, with the culmination of first-handexperiences and passion to help those in need, he founded the Bosnia & Herzegovina Futures Foundation.Custovic is the recipient of the 2022 IEEE Theodore W. Hissey Outstanding Young Professional Award for "Forleadership in the empowerment and development of technology professionals globally.