eCommerce Association in Bosnia and Herzegovina and GS1 Bosnia and Herzegovina signed a cooperation agreement

On March 14, 2022, another in a series of valuable strategic partnerships which aims to improve digital business in Bosnia and Herzegovina and improve business processes through eCommerce was signed.

The agreement was signed by Belma Agić, Executive Director of the eCommerce Association in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Adi Turkovic, Director of GS1 Bosnia and Herzegovina. The eCommerce Association in BiH is the first association to deal with it
by improving the digital ecosystem and improving eCommerce business in our country. The association works on strengthening all aspects of online commerce and cross-border sales are recognized as a very important segment. They believe that BiH has a huge potential for marketing products abroad and that the markets of the region are opening up countless opportunities for our online merchants. GS1 is a community of over 1,700 companies from Bosnia and Herzegovina and is one of 116 independent, non – profit GS1 organizations operating in over 150 countries from all over the world and which are part of the International Organization GS1, based in Brussels.

“We have identified many segments where we can work together to work on improvement digital business and improving business processes through eCommerce. It is our pleasure to conduct plans into action, and cooperation with quality strategic partners is crucial for that. We believe this will partnership will greatly contribute to our commitment to make Bosnia and Herzegovina an equal player in
to the world eCommerce scene & ”- pointed out Belma Agić.

Director of GS1, Mr. Turkovic added that GS1 has been actively focusing on its focus in recent years actions on digitization and offer members to be up to date with digitization trends and to have access relevant information. He pointed out that this signed agreement will be a good basis for direct connecting two organizations for successful, future strategic cooperation and affirmation of digital business in
our country.