“BiH vs. the World: eCommerce face-off” event held in Sarajevo

6/9/2022 In the Startup studio, we held a talk “BiH vs the World: eCommerce face-off”, which was attended by a large number of people from the business segment, interested in eCommerce.

The event was intended for everyone who deals with eCommerce and who wants to deal with it, as well as those who are interested in online sales and purchases.

“This was a unique opportunity for participants to learn the latest information about eCommerce trends around the world, but also in Bosnia and Herzegovina” explained our Belma Agić, Executive Director of the eCommerce Association in BiH, “as well as to gain a clearer insight into differences and similarities. between eCommerce markets in our and other countries.”

A bold dialogue was conducted with the participants by regional and world experts, as well as practitioners at eCommerce. Examples from eCommerce practice abroad, the future of internet sales in the world and BiH, upcoming trends, as well as how to avoid difficulties in eCommerce market development… These are just some of the topics the speakers talked about and shared with us their rich experience and knowledge.

“It was a pleasure to listen to the reviews and opinions of experts from different sectors, but also countries around the world such as Germany, Great Britain and the United States. I consider especially significant the prominent issue in eCommerce business, which refers to the distrust and insecurity of customers when shopping online. Considering that I recently started a business based on eCommerce, it was very useful for me to hear insights that drew my attention to the most important prerequisites for successful business”, said Mirela Halvadžija, entrepreneur and ambassador of the eCommerce Association in BiH.

Amir Trokić, Director of Business Development and Account Management at Mastercard and a member of the Advisory Board of the eCommerce Association in BiH, opened the panel with statistics conducted by MasterIndex – a traditional Mastercard survey on financial habits and needs of active cardholders in Bosnia and Herzegovina. “ECommerce is growing at an explosive rate. Technological changes, consumer needs and habits require that everything happens fast and more and more consumers turn to web stores. I am pleased to know that by 2025, online traffic globally will increase by up to 25%. ” He adds: “The goal of our company is to include as many as a billion users in the digital economy by 2025. We are looking forward to the progress that is ahead of us.”

“The event was really great. Very relevant speakers, an audience that was very involved, interested. It’s great to be at an event where there is that interaction between the panelists and the audience – where it’s not a monologue, but a real dialogue,” said Azra Kovacevic – a specialist in digital marketing and online sales at Alma Ras.

Sanel Bosnić, director and vice president of the Management Board of Stanić Trade d.o.o., says that he is satisfied with the conversation and that he hopes that there will be even more of them in the future.

In addition to famous names from the domestic Business scene, the event was also attended by The Right Honorable Bob Stewart DSO MP, a member of the British Parliament and a great friend of our country.

“We are proud that all speakers at this event are members and partners of the eCommerce Association in BiH – experts of the eCommerce in the world” said the Association and invited all companies, organizations and individuals to join the Association via the following link https://e-comm.ba/pristupnica/, and thus improve their online business.

The sponsors of the event are the companies Stanić Trade and Alma Ras.

For all those who could not join us this day, a video of the event is available at the link: