Attend the event “BiH vs the World: eCommerce face-off”

The eCommerce Association in BiH and the Startup Studio invite everyone who is interested in the world of eCommerce to attend the conversation “BiH vs the World: eCommerce face-off” which will be held on June 9, 2022. at 18:00 in the Startup Studio Sarajevo.

Do you do eCommerce or do you have ambitions for it? You are interested in this topic and want to know what awaits you… For example: what are the latest eCommerce trends? What and how to trade online in the world?

Then this is a unique opportunity to find out the latest and most relevant information about eCommerce trends in the world and BiH.
Some of the topics that will be discussed are:

  • Examples from eCommerce practice abroad
  • eCommerce differences between markets in developed countries and BH markets
  • Payment methods used in World
  • eCommerce practices and methods that individuals, startups, and businesses can adopt in BiH to become successful
  • The future of internet sales in the world and in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • How to prepare for upcoming trends
  • How to avoid common mistakes in eCommerce market development

The speakers you will be able to talk to are members and partners of the eCommerce Association in BiH – experts and practitioners at eCommerce.

One of the speakers is Nina Angelovska; former Minister of Finance of the Government of Northern Macedonia, but also the founder and CEO of the leading website for e-sales and shopping in Northern Macedonia, She is also the president of the eCommerce
Association of Northern Macedonia, and is an occasional contributor to Forbes magazine.

Larisa Hohmann will join Nina from Germany, who is the Digital & E-Business Director at the famous Shiseido Group, and has also built her rich experience as a digital strategy and innovation manager at L’Oréal (Germany). Larisa is a member of the advisory board of the eCommerce Association in BiH.

Another member of the eCommerce Associations advisory board in BiH, Emina Puncuh, a master of business administration and corporate finance and an advisor to foreign business committees, will speak from London. Emina teaches Financial Management to students at the Haute Couture Institute in London.

Another distinguished speaker is Biljana Lovrinović Abel, owner of Equus Group – a marketing consulting company based in Cleveland, Ohio (USA) and owner of Galop Digital, a digital solutions company based in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Amir Trokić – Director of Account Management at Mastercard and Senad Šantić – entrepreneur, founder and CEO of ZenDev, both members of the Advisory Board of the eCommerce Association in BiH, will also share their knowledge and experience. ECommerce pioneer Marcel Majsan, president of the eCommerce Croatia Association and founder of the Survival Kit web store will speak from Croatia, and Azra Kovačević, digital marketing and online sales specialist at Alma Ras and Sanel Bosnić, vice president of the Management Board at Stanić Trade d.o.o., will be guests at the Studio.

Are you eager to attend this event? Sign up at the following link – the number of places is limited!
The event will take place on June 9, 2022. at 18:00, in the premises of Startup Studio Sarajevo (Maršala Tita 54 / II).
The sponsors of the event are the companies Stanić Trade and Alma Ras.

P.S .: If you apply and the places are already filled, don’t worry. After the event, you will have a video available where you will be able to watch and listen to everything that was discussed.

You can watch the video on the link: