Adria Summit exceeded the region

„Adria Summit 2022-Future of Digital Commerce“

The first Adria Summit 2022, of which we are a proud partner, has officially ended, but networks continue to deepen. Through a two-day discussion on the future of digital commerce, visions of digital growth were shared by over 400 guests, with topics set by 70 speakers from 18 countries.

From the remarkable Marc Landy who brought Steve Jobs back to Apple, to the promising 17-year-old Lovro Mršić – Adria Summit examined many topics in the field of branding, logistics, marketing, technology, future work organization, but also cooperation in the region. With the participation of all eCommerce associations from the region, we conclude that we are leaving Istria with a conscience about the future of digital commerce, how to improve it and cooperate better.

At the conference, numerous experts talked about their experiences. On the first day of the conference, our colleague Orhan Gazibegović participated in a panel entitled “Power of Brands in eComm”. The most important elements of brand and branding in eCommerce were discussed. On the second day, we had a pleasant conversation with a member of our Advisory Board, Nikola Mehandžić. Nikola is Payoneer’s Director of Business Development for the Western Balkans markets and we talked about Payoneer’s arrival in the region and how fintech is changing the world. Although it was one of the final sessions of the Summit, the hall was full.

Digital technologies are changing the lives of all of us, from the way we communicate to the way we live and work. Digitization in the business world offers a number of solutions to many of the challenges facing the entire world. The opportunities offered by digitalization in the world of modern technologies are, among others, the creation of new jobs, the improvement of education, the promotion of competitiveness and innovation and the possibility of improving business at the micro and macro levels. Therefore, this type of conference such as this year’s “Adria Summit” in Umag, where hundreds of participants from the business world gather, gives the economy a wind in the back in the direction of faster progress, growth and development.

Current topics, inspiring discussions and great socializing. We are looking forward to the next Adria Summit next year.