Adria Summit 2022

We reveal everything that the first Adria Summit with the topic ‘Future of Digital Commerce’ that will take place this May in Savudrija brings us

The eCommerce Association in Bosnia and Herzegovina is a partner of the largest and most important regional gathering on the future of digital business. The Adria Summit has been announced for May, it will be called “Future of Digital Commerce”, and it will try to answer questions and discuss the latest topics that are happening in the field of digital technology. The summit will be attended by internationally recognized experts and will take place from 5 to 8 May at the Kempinski Hotel in Savudrija, Istria.

The conference part of the program includes four keynote speakers, eight-panel discussions, and four more surprise dates – and over 70 experts will participate in the program.

Rich program

The eight-panel discussions begin with a topic for managers and directors of large companies recognized in e-business – these are projections and forecasts of the impact of digital on the total share in the economy. Global trends show that digital commerce will grow by as much as 50 percent in the next four years. How quickly we can follow this dizzying growth, we will find out during the speeches of top managers from the largest companies.

The program continues with topics on marketing and branding, as well as the impact of brand and visibility on success in digital business. Then we move on to what every customer experiences after buying online – delivery. How is it organized and how much does it affect customer confidence? Is it justified to wait seven days for delivery or are their players think differently and plan to do something that has become a world standard, and that is delivered in 48 hours or even 24 – answers are given by conference participants from the largest logistics
company in our area.

The first day is rounded off with a panel on the impact of financial services to organize the entire digital business. How to organize efficient payments, how to have confidence in the use of cards or other payment methods? How are consumers credited for shopping in installments and how to take instant credit at the time of ordering goods? In addition, topics related to blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and alternative payment methods, as well as decentralized financing will be discussed.

On the second day of the program

The second day begins with topics related to the user experience and organization of online platforms – without unnecessary steps and what is called privacy invasion or taking excess data. There are also topics related to the IT industry that covers everything that happens technologically. What does cloud mean? What do remote services mean? What do we do with the data and how do we use anonymous and non-anonymous data to improve the user experience, but also make traffic for ourselves, as a reseller?

Then there is only the finale of the conference, and that is the topic – how to involve small companies and entrepreneurs who want to start something in terms of financing innovation? What is the role of investment funds, venture capital, large institutional investors, banks, and angel investors? How do those who have an idea get money and how to sell their business tomorrow – these questions will be answered by experts from various investment companies. Members of regional eCommerce associations are participating in the panel, and Belma Agić, executive director of the eCommerce association in Bosnia and Herzegovina, will speak at the panel.