eCommerce Association in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The eCommerce Association in Bosnia & Herzegovina is committed to mentor and support our generation of consumers and suppliers in Digital Transformation and Meta era.

Why eCommerce?

Sales Expansion

eCommerce offers huge opportunities to retailers – unlocking the door to a much larger national and international customer base – growing profitability in your business exponentially

Trade With Confidence

A safe, secure digital environment that breeds confidence for consumers and suppliers, holistically protecting data and payments

Engaging Experience

The Digital Meta environment is intuitive, enjoyable and satisfying; encouraging consumers to buy and suppliers to sell

About Us

The Association’s Vision is for Bosnia & Herzegovina to be a regional leader in a prosperous digital environment.  We are committed to mentoring both our current and future generation of talented SMEs; raising consumer awareness of eCommerce benefits; and ensuring a safe and engaging environment for the Digital era

Our Partners

Why Does It Matter?

Digital Transformation is an inevitable journey that offers great economic benefit.  Bosnia & Herzegovina has huge opportunity to embrace and lead the charge in eCommerce and we all need to be onboard to benefit and prosper

We Want You to Join Us

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Digital Transformation in Partnership

We strive to provide a secure digitized environment for eCommerce that is safe, inclusive and diverse; enabling your business to spread its wings and prosper now and in the future

We can be the Masters of the Digitized era

Our eCommerce Centre of Excellence and world class expertise strives to educate and support you, nurture the future generation through our academy programme and raise awareness for your consumers.

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